Finding Peace Even When Life’s Giving You Lemons

Finding Peace Even When Life’s Giving You Lemons

This time of year is, in general, more stressful for most, even if you enjoy the holiday season. But when you’re also trying to navigate the challenges of getting pregnant when your body is not cooperating, the ability to find your equanimity will likely be put to the test. Seeing ..Continue Reading

Safe Yoga for the 2WW

Safe Yoga for the 2WW (“two week wait”)

 Plainly put, the 2 week wait can be a time of pure hell. And not on the physical level, per say. In fact, much of the two week wait means we physically feel NO different than before. Thoughts vacillate between what has been part of our past and our ..Continue Reading

Meditation 101

Meditation 101

In the ancient text, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we are taught that the science of yoga is all about learning to “restrain the modifications of the mind-stuff”. In essence, that means learning to be in control of your mind – not letting your mind control you. Both my psychology ..Continue Reading

Moving Through Grief

Moving Through Grief (literally)

Pregnancy loss, recurrent miscarriages and failed cycles can be an aspect of the fertility journey that none of us can fully prepare for. When our hearts ache with grief we begin to ‘protect’ ourselves in the ways we can to get through the darkness. Physically and energetically our body may ..Continue Reading


Power of the Mantra

As Sally Kempton explains, “The ‘I am’ mantra is the articulated expression of the self.” • Mantras are a form of meditation. I look at them as a meditation “tool.” They can be as simple as one word, or a short phrase. • So, why is practicing them so powerful? ..Continue Reading

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

We’re right in the midst of Pitta Season – and it seems like it has been extra hot this year! Pitta is one of the three doshas in Ayurvedic medicine. The Pitta dosha has the elements of fire and water – and it includes characteristics of hot, oily, liquid and ..Continue Reading

Find The Flow

Find The Flow

Flow vs. resistance: If you’re trying to “make” something happen in your life right now and it feels like sooooo much effort, that nothing is going as hoped – this is the time to “find the flow” and move away from the resistance. My wisdom teacher taught me that our ..Continue Reading

Try Asking 'Why Not Me?' (Instead)

Try Asking ‘Why Not Me?’ (Instead)

It’s so easy to fall into that “Why Me?” place when life is not going as planned. But what if, instead, you started asking yourself, “Why Not Me?” It’s normal to feel sad and angry (and have a bit of a pity party) when you’re not getting what you want. ..Continue Reading

"We Started Out Fine..."

“We Started Out Fine…”

We LOVE this quote and how it so eloquently captures the essence of the Spiritual Journey!! We start out as our “divine” selves. Then we learn all of the “shoulds”, fears, and so on from our families, friends, society, etc., that lead us to shame, self-doubt, avoidance, loss of intuition ..Continue Reading

"Active" Cobbler's Pose variation

For the 2-Week Wait: Supta Baddha Konasana (“Active” Cobbler’s Pose) Variation

“Active” Cobbler’s Pose variation (Supta Baddha Konasana in Sanskrit) is an excellent pose to help stretch the psoas at the lowest attachment, open up the groins and soften the connective tissue in and around the pelvis (including the reproductive organs). It also helps to “neutralize” the lower back and hips ..Continue Reading