The journey of fertility is often filled with ups and downs, and a sense of helplessness. Each cycle can feel like you’re on the worst rollercoaster of your life. The 2ww (two week wait) is particularly hard, where you often vacillate between hope and despair, as you hyper-focus on every twinge or other body symptom, wondering if this cycle will be “the one”?

We humans do not like it when we feel out of control.

So we have a little yogic wisdom we like to share with our clients:

Control what you can, let go of everything else.

I know, I know – easy to say, harder to put into action! But there’s the reality: there is so much that is out of our control in this life; so, let’s focus on what we can control.  

There are simple actions you can practice on a daily basis (ideally) that significantly impact emotional and physiological well-being. These practices will help you feel more at ease during the dreaded 2ww and far beyond.

Here are a few things you can control (or at least have a say in):

  1. THOUGHTS: Your thoughts turn on emotions (which turn on a body response). Recognize that you have a say in whether or not you are feeling fearful and anxious, or happy and content. If your initial thought “habit” is to worry and be fearful, you can relearn this habit.


  1. FEELINGS: No one “likes” to be uncomfortable but one of the most important lessons you can learn is to “sit” in uncomfortable emotions (temporarily). Recognize that your emotions are “data” and temporary. Once you learn this lesson, you will be able to navigate the “weather” of the emotional landscape from a more non-attached and empowered place. Pain is inevitable with fertility challenges, but suffering is optional.


  1. BODY: Practice radical self-care! What is that you may ask? Love and honor your body and self as if you were the most valuable entity on the planet (just like you would take care of your future baby or beloved pet). Do what feels nurturing – take a hot bath, eat whole foods, decrease toxins, sleep, move, breathe, etc. Be grateful for what your body allows you to do in the world (see, smell, feel, dance, etc.).


  1. BREATH: Your breath carries vital life force and nutrients necessary for the body to function optimally. When you consciously breathe with your belly, you shift your nervous system into the “Rest, Digest and Reproduce” response. This lowers and stabilizes blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and increases the lung capacity (thereby helping to reduce the effects of “old age” problems such as a loss of vitality), just to name a few.

And the other two best things about practicing breath work? It’s absolutely FREE and it’s fact-acting (in most cases, it has an immediate effect).


For guidance, ideas and tangible tools to integrate immediately, we have all of the above available and so much more in our comprehensive mind-body fertility program.

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