Power of the Mantra

As Sally Kempton explains, “The ‘I am’ mantra is the articulated expression of the self.” • Mantras are a form of meditation. I look at them as a meditation “tool.” They can be as simple as one word, or a short phrase. • So, why is practicing them so powerful? ..Continue Reading

"We Started Out Fine..."

“We Started Out Fine…”

We LOVE this quote and how it so eloquently captures the essence of the Spiritual Journey!! We start out as our “divine” selves. Then we learn all of the “shoulds”, fears, and so on from our families, friends, society, etc., that lead us to shame, self-doubt, avoidance, loss of intuition ..Continue Reading

A Defeat for the Ego

A Defeat for the Ego

Words of wisdom from Carl Jung! Your ego (the “little self”) learned its rules (“shoulds”) in childhood and it tries to protect you from feeling pain – fear, sadness, shame, etc. Because we don’t like to be uncomfortable, we often choose to avoid pain (via denial or any other escape-avoidance ..Continue Reading

An "Attitude of Gratitude"

An “Attitude of Gratitude”

Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is a hugely important skill to add to your life toolkit! The research from Positive Psychology has found that individuals who practice gratitude cultivate deeper, more “authentic” levels of happiness. . Gratitude teaches us to find contentment where we are today, in this moment, rather ..Continue Reading