Thriving on Two Week Wait

Thrive on the Two Week Wait

At a time when it benefits you most to thrive on the two week wait, this is the time when you probably feel like you’re just surviving. Instead of feeling grounded and calm, the two week wait (TWW) can be fraught with extremely fluctuating emotions and energy. In fact, for most people the TWW feels like the longest 14 days of your life.

But what if we told you there were four simple elements to focus on that which would enable you to not only survive the TWW, but dare we say: “thrive” during this trying time? 

Before we dive into the details of these elements, here are the words we want you to remember to help you thrive on the two week wait:

• Thoughts
• Emotions
• Body
• Breath

Arriving at the Two Week Wait

Getting yourself to the TWW can feel like you’ve just run a marathon! So much to do and decisions to be made — timed sex, medications to take, doctors’s visits, and on and on. Perhaps you feel really hopeful. Perhaps you feel really scared. Perhaps you feel all of that wrapped together, and then some!

Above all, what we really want to encourage you to do is live your life! You’ve done all you can up to this point. 

Now is the time to start thriving!

So, when you find yourself again playing the two week waiting game, these are the words you can say to remind yourself of the next best steps that will bring you to a place of ease: thoughts, emotions, body and breath.

Four Elements to Thriving

1. Thoughts

Notice your thoughts. When your mind starts to take you to a place of worry or angst – and it will, because this is the  nature of the mind – use a mantra (i.e., “All is Well”) or intention (i.e., “I am calm”) to replace the negative energy with a better feeling thought.

To learn more about mantra & intention setting, watch our 5 minute video called “Energy Follows Intention.”

2. Emotions

Without judgment, and with a sense of curiosity, notice your emotions and how you are feeling in that moment. If you feel anxious, scared, sad and so on, acknowledge the emotion and name it. For example, say to yourself “I am feeling really ______ right now.” Take just a moment to lean into that feeling, rather than resist it.

3. Body

Shift your awareness to your physical body. Take a deep breath and discover where in your body these emotions “live,” so to speak. As you pay attention, notice where in your body you may be feeling tightness/gripping, tingling, a sense of heaviness, holding, etc.

4. Breath

As you discern the areas where you are holding emotions and energy in the physical body, start to place your attention on your breath. Use a conscious yogic breath work such as diaphragmatic breathing (Ujjayi), balancing breath (Nadi Shodhana) or 3 part breath (all these breathing exercises and many more can be found in our membership library of mind-body tools), and steer your breath into specific areas of your body where you feel is needed.

You can also integrate other physical practices, such as taking a light walk, doing a fertility yoga practice, being in nature at the beach, some easy gardening and listening to guided meditations.

Ritual & Self-Nourishment

An added bonus step we recommend is to create a daily ritual of self-nourishment. This could be any practice of mindfulness that you can easily integrate daily, and that makes you feel nourished.

For example, take the first 10 minutes upon waking (or any time of day) to meditate. Or, sit in your garden with a warm cup of tea and your bare feet in the grass. A movement ritual such as yoga or walking, a 3-minute gratitude practice with journaling (either in the morning or right before sleep) are also beautiful examples of ritual and self-nourishment.

You get to choose, and there is no wrong answer , as long as it is something you want to do and can do successfully. If this is new to you, start with 5 minutes a day. You can always extend the time!

Resources to Support You on the Two Week Wait

Soon you will be able to search through our video and audio library, in our membership site. There you will find many wonderful guided meditations. One of our favorites is a short practice called “Root Meditation.” These are currently available for purchase on the Soulful Conceptions site.

In our Courses Library, we also have a 14 day program to nurture you through the full span of the TWW called the “Two Week Wait Survival Kit.”

And finally, if you want to dive deeper into learning about thriving on the path of fertility, watch this educational video. In it, we teach about the psoas muscles and their impact on fertility. We also share a simple exercise to unwind, get more grounded and find a calm state of being.

In the meantime, be gentle with yourself and may you have easy breaths along the way. 

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