Thriving on Two Week Wait

Thrive on the Two Week Wait

Thrive on the Two Week Wait At a time when it benefits you most to thrive on the two week wait, this is the time when you probably feel like you’re just surviving. Instead of feeling grounded and calm, the two week wait (TWW) can be fraught with extremely fluctuating ..Continue Reading

Empowerment on the Fertility Journey

Empowerment on the Fertility Journey

Empowerment on the Fertility Journey Ask most individuals moving through the process of trying to conceive (or even those being proactive with egg freezing) if they’ve found empowerment on the fertility journey and most will tell you they feel anything but empowered. Sure, they may be gung-ho, positive and feeling ..Continue Reading

bpa-free is not safe

BPA-free does not Equal Safe

BPA-free does not Equal Safe U.S. manufacturers responded to Canada’s 2010 ban of the use of BPA in baby bottles by creating products that are BPA-free. Today, we see all kinds ‘BPA-free’ products on the market. Which seems like it should be great, right?! But is BPA-free really safe? The short answer ..Continue Reading

Tame the Shame Campaign

Tame the Shame Campaign

Release the Shame of Infertility Fertility challenges and pregnancy loss/miscarriage are difficult roads to navigate and can bring about many uncomfortable emotions, including anger, grief, sadness and shame. How do we begin to release the shame of infertility? We are on a mission to normalize the conversation around these difficulties ..Continue Reading

Decrease Endometriosis Pain with Yoga

March is Endometriosis Awareness month and to show our support we are here to share some principles, exercises and concepts to support your fertility journey AND improve the overall quality of your life. It is estimated that 176 million women (and young girls) worldwide are challenged by endometriosis regardless of ..Continue Reading