“You are the sky.
Everything else is just the weather.”
– Pema Chodron

Particularly when navigating the journey of fertility, emotions can feel absolutely overwhelming, sometimes soul-crushing and even immobilizing. When it feels like the world, your body and everyone around is somehow failing you. I’ve been there.

Have you heard of the funny quote, “Shift Happens.”? Well, it happens to be very true when it come to emotions. A concept that has helped me navigate difficult emotions is one that we now teach in our Complete Mind Body Fertility Program:

View of your emotions as the clouds… 

The clouds move in and they move out. They change shape and color. And they disappear. Yes, the clouds are amazing! They are also “on the move” and impermanent.

One of the most powerful and efficient ways to make “shift happen” is to notice your breath. Find a comfortable position and take a big breath in and exhale through the mouth — then, sigh it out. Make sound. Hum it out. OM it out. Whatever works for you! Do this several rounds.

Now, begin to invite your conscious breathing in and out through your nose. Soften your belly and as you inhale, allow your breath to move deep down in the belly. And exhale. As you continue your next inhale, see if your breath can move first into your belly and then into your rib cage. And on your next breath in, encourage your breath to move into your belly, ribcage and all the way up into your chest. Feel your heart expand.

On each exhale, soften something. Let something go (this might be a thought!) and notice if your body can begin to feel more grounded and “held” by Mother Earth.

They call it a “practice” for a reason. So, on a day that feels challenging to you, practice breathing this way every hour on the hour for 9-12 rounds of breath. Then, notice how you feel. Consider integrating this practice into your daily for a week and see what changes. If you are yearning to learn more about conscious breathing for fertility, visit our site or come to one of our Los Angeles workshops.

In the meantime, know this:

Mama-to-be, your “clouds” (emotions) will do their thing. Allow them the space to shift and change. They will move through…

Because you, my darling, are the magnificent, vast and glorious kick-ass sky! 

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