Your thoughts effect your emotions

Our thoughts are like seeds we plant in a garden. The “soil” of the garden is our body. And our emotions “fertilize” this field of energy.

As our thoughts can create an effect on our emotions, our emotions can then physiologically affect our bodies (via the endocrine system) and thereby can impact our health (i.e. fertility).

Simple ways to shift this vicious cycle is:

  1. BECOME AWARE. First, become aware of the thoughts (and subsequent feelings/emotions) without judgement, and with a whole lot of curiosity.
  2. SHIFT YOUR FOCUS. Instead of getting lost in the thoughts, and ruled by the emotions, shift your focus to your breath. Conscious breath work can be one of the most powerful and efficient ways to affect change in our mind-body connection.
  3. RECOGNIZE THAT EMOTIONS CHANGE. Begin to recognize that our emotions are like wind dancing through the clouds. The wind passes through the clouds and begins to change their shape and sometimes blows them away. Our emotions will pass through us and begin to change, as well. We need not resist the emotions or even stay attached to them. But rather, feel them — fully — and then release them.
  4. PRACTICE MINDFULNESS. This could be an “open-eyed meditation” where you stay aware of your surroundings and practice being fully present in simple tasks such as brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.
  5. TRY MEDITATING. Meditation can look a lot of different ways. It can be as simple as sitting quietly watching your breath. It can be listening to a guided meditation. Or, you can meditate while you walk in the neighborhood, weed your flower garden, paint, or even while washing your hair.
  6. SURRENDER TO WHAT IS. This one can be tough. But “surrendering” is about giving up control of that which we have none. There is actually much that is out of our control. When we learn to let go of our perceived control and begin to shift our awareness to that which we actually can control (our reaction to things!), then we begin to discover empowerment.

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