Moving Through Grief

Pregnancy loss, recurrent miscarriages and failed cycles can be an aspect of the fertility journey that none of us can fully prepare for. When our hearts ache with grief we begin to ‘protect’ ourselves in the ways we can to get through the darkness. Physically and energetically our body may begin to retreat, to tighten, to hold, to shield in an attempt to cultivate this protection we seek; this protection we yearn for…

Emotions are energy. And like most things, emotions are impermanent (thank goodness, right?). However, the residual of repeated sadness, anxiety, stress and anger can manifest itself physically in our bodies. This build up residual of emotion can cause dis-ease and imbalances within.

In an effort to keep things moving, clear and spacious, I wanted to share a simple exercise to help open the heart space. This pose can be performed sitting cross-legged as I demonstrate in the video or even just sitting on a chair with feet flat to floor.

I encourage those of you moving through grief to utilize this exercise especially in the moments when you’d rather be curled up in ball, shutting the world out. I am not at all saying to not feel what you need to feel. We all must experience our grief fully and move through those stages of grief. But if you find yourself wallowing a little too long, or you feel like you might be ready to start to move the energy, then start with some heart-openers like this one. More to come… !

Blessings on your journey.

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