Safe Yoga for the 2WW

Plainly put, the 2 week wait can be a time of pure hell. And not on the physical level, per say. In fact, much of the two week wait means we physically feel NO different than before. Thoughts vacillate between what has been part of our past and our desires for the future. Being present and mindful can often times be damn near impossible. The ‘monkey mind’ can be in full force swinging us from branch to branch with no clear path back to a place that will actually make us feel better, or grounded. And yet, this fragile time is exactly when we need all the support we can muster, on all these levels.

In the Soulful Conceptions™ program, we teach a comprehensive methodology that supports all the different aspects one might need help with that interplay in this exact situation. Our conscious breath is a key factor – as is our mindset – and there are also physical practices to apply that we know are safe and beneficial.

See the video below to understand one physical aspect and a posture considered a ‘jewel’ for women.

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