"We Started Out Fine..."

We LOVE this quote and how it so eloquently captures the essence of the Spiritual Journey!!

We start out as our “divine” selves. Then we learn all of the “shoulds”, fears, and so on from our families, friends, society, etc., that lead us to shame, self-doubt, avoidance, loss of intuition and other “layers of crap” that block our light. The Spiritual Journey begins when we start to explore those layers and re-discover our true, authentic selves – our inner light (i.e., we are en-light-ened).

It takes great courage and effort to walk the Spiritual path towards self-awareness and self-acceptance. But once you reclaim your true self, there is so much more peace and joy, and the ability to be of service.

We invite you to practice self-exploration, self-love and acceptance every day, remembering that you (and everyone else) are “already perfectly imperfect”!!

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