The Ugly Truth on Getting Pretty!

Who doesn’t want to show off a great pedicure, especially now that’s it’s summertime! The ugly truth is that, whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, your daily body and beauty products may be negatively impacting your health (including your fertility)!

I’m including a link to an article describing one study that found increased levels of phthalates (an endocrine disruptor) after only one exposure to “conventional” nail polish!

So as always, I encourage you to educate yourself on the body/beauty and home products you use on a regular basis, in order to begin to reduce your exposure to chemicals known to negatively impact your fertility (and overall health). The EWG computer-based cosmetics database (“Skin Deep”) and Healthy Living app are great resources. I invite you to investigate 2 or 3 of the make-up or other beauty products you use every day to see how they rate re: toxicity (be sure you click to the “second” page of your search and look for info on whether it has ingredients associated with reproductive toxicity).

The good news is that there are more and more no/low toxic products available now for you to use (as compared to when I was on my fertility journey about a decade ago). I’ll keep posting on this topic, including sharing more details about some of my favorite products.

Happy Summer!!

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