It's Celiac Awareness Month!

It’s Celiac Awareness Month!

Having celiac disease (the autoimmune version of the disorder) or gluten intolerance can trigger a whole host of symptoms/issues in the body because of inflammation, poor digestion/absorption of nutrients, etc.

Untreated celiac disease is associated with increased risk of repeated miscarriages, premature deliveries, impaired fetal growth, abnormalities in the placenta, and increased C-section rates (e.g., World J Gastroenterol. 2010 Dec 14; 16(46): 5810–5814).

Celiac/gluten issues do not always present as “gut symptoms” (i.e., bloating, diarrhea, etc.). They may show up as headaches, body pain, etc. So if you’re on the fertility journey, consider getting tested by your health care practitioner.
Having to shift your diet/lifestyle is often challenging (and requires mourning a loss) but this is about more than baby-making, it’s about mama-making and being your healthiest self for life!!

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