Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

We’re right in the midst of Pitta Season – and it seems like it has been extra hot this year!

Pitta is one of the three doshas in Ayurvedic medicine. The Pitta dosha has the elements of fire and water – and it includes characteristics of hot, oily, liquid and penetrating.

In Ayurveda, the principle is “like increases like” (or “like aggravates like”). So in summertime, we want to avoid doing things that add “more heat” to the heat. Instead, think “cool, playful, calm, and watery” (there’s a reason a juicy piece of watermelon is so satisfying in the middle of summer!).

This is the time to slow down and “back off” your normal routine a little. We would suggest you avoid more vigorous/heated yoga classes and opt for something a little more slow and cooling (or just follow that instinct and do your own thing if your instructor is moving things too fast or vigorously in a class). Certain poses, like deep back-bends, are more “heating” to the body – consider choosing a bridge pose (or supported bridge pose) instead! Try switching out your “sun” salutations with “moon” salutations.

Certain foods and spices are also better suited to this time of year – e.g., coconut water, watery fruits, lemons/limes, mint, seasonal vegetables, and milder spices (e.g., avoid chilies, dried ginger or other “heating’ spices). Consider avoiding or reducing coffee, alcohol, meats and fried foods.

Practice patience and take mindful, deep breaths. In this heat, it’s a little easier to become impatient in traffic or other stressful situations.

Stay cool and be well!

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