An "Attitude of Gratitude"

Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is a hugely important skill to add to your life toolkit!

The research from Positive Psychology has found that individuals who practice gratitude cultivate deeper, more “authentic” levels of happiness. .

Gratitude teaches us to find contentment where we are today, in this moment, rather than “waiting” to be happy at some future time. It awakens the “yin” (feminine) energy of “being.”

So I suggest that you take a moment every day (I do this before I go to bed every night) and note what you were grateful for that day. Small things count (e.g., I am grateful for the 10 minutes I sat in the sunshine at my lunch break, I am grateful for the song I heard that got me singing, etc.). Isn’t that a nice way to fall asleep at night?!!

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