A Defeat for the Ego

Words of wisdom from Carl Jung!

Your ego (the “little self”) learned its rules (“shoulds”) in childhood and it tries to protect you from feeling pain – fear, sadness, shame, etc. Because we don’t like to be uncomfortable, we often choose to avoid pain (via denial or any other escape-avoidance tool such as food, substances, overwork, etc.). Your ego does not want to “lose its job.”

Your higher, wiser self (the “big Self”) knows that it is okay to be uncomfortable sometimes, and it is through facing your fears, sadness, etc., as well as expressing your talents, ideas, and other gifts, that you slowly uncover your authentic, or true self. .

This journey to finding your “true self” and releasing the “ego self” does take dedication and effort – but ultimately leads you to a life that is more joyful, peaceful and free.

Let all of your current trials and tribulations (be it fertility challenges or otherwise) be a source of learning; a “mirror” to help guide to towards your higher Self!!

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