Welcome to Our Community We at Living Lēla believe the mind and body are unified and inextricably linked. The way we live our lives, the way we think and feel, the way we treat our bodies all impact our body and mind's overall wellbeing, as well as the process of conception.

Living Lēla strives to educate and empower. Whether it be those on their journey towards conception or any and all of us navigating life's hard transitions, we wish to normalize the conversations around challenge and embrace being perfectly imperfect.

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Soulful Conceptions™ Complete Mind-Body Wellness & Fertility teachings encompass tangible and easy-to-integrate daily practices that are a perfect complement to both Western and Eastern medicine practices for overall wellness and fertility.

There are changes you can make today to take control of your overall wellbeing & fertility, and feel more empowered in the process. Get access to our combined expertise in yoga and yoga therapy, psychology, mind-body medicine, neuroscience, and the ancient life-science of Ayurveda—all in one place.

FREE Mini-Course: Foundations of Fertility - Basic Thrival Kit™

Having the "tools" to feel supported, educated, and proactive can make all the difference when navigating the path of fertility!

We've handpicked tangible practices and concepts to help you feel more like you're thriving (rather than just surviving) the ups and downs of this journey.

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