Unexplained Infertility

My meditation teacher taught me that “there is always an answer” – you might just not know what it is yet!! And oftentimes, those answers don’t come quickly enough! I do truly empathize, as some of the answers to my fertility difficulties did not become apparent until many years later.

One of the things I share with my patients is this: just because you cannot see it, hear it, or measure it yet, does not mean it does not exist – it’s just that we may not yet have the technology with which to measure it. Viruses and bacteria were around well before we could see them in a microscope. Dogs can hear sounds we cannot detect with the human ear. So sometimes science and technology have not yet discovered it or cannot yet measure it.

The advances made in assisted reproductive techniques over the last few decades has been quite astounding; but at the same time, it is relatively new and new information and techniques are being developed as we speak! Freezing eggs is a great example: the cryo-freeze technique developed in the last decade has made a significant difference in the ability to store and thaw eggs (eggs are more fragile than embryos, and previously were often destroyed during the thawing process). One of the areas that still needs to be better studied is the area of reproductive immunology. Because the immune system is so complicated, it is often difficult to find a homogenous group of patients to study where the results will be meaningful, so this area is still a work in progress.

The impact of stress is another one of those factors: how is it that some individuals who have been trying for years to conceive without success suddenly find themselves pregnant once they’ve signed the adoption papers?? There’s still so much to be learned.

I hope that your “unexplained infertility” has an explanation soon. In the meantime, keep asking your inner guidance for direction and trust there is an answer.

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