As Sally Kempton explains, “The ‘I am’ mantra is the articulated expression of the self.”

Mantras are a form of meditation. I look at them as a meditation “tool.” They can be as simple as one word, or a short phrase.

So, why is practicing them so powerful?

Probably because practicing Mantras employ the thinking mind, rather than trying to quiet or ignore it.

When we are feeling heightened emotions such anxiety, anger, sadness, fear — it’s usually because our mind is fixed on a situation that triggers these feelings. The emotions get “reignited” as we stay focused on the situation we feel is causing our suffering.

As so insightfully said by Eckhart Tolle, “It is never the situation that causes suffering, it is your thoughts about it.”

So, next time you are feeling out of sorts mentally/emotionally or there is a “situation” that is overwhelming your heart, practice a simple mantra, such as “I am.”

As you inhale, say to yourself “I” — as you exhale, “AM.” Inhale = I. Exhale = AM. Practice this several rounds until you feel a bit more mindful space in and around you.

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