We are here to support and empower you during your fertility journey!

It's our pleasure to share our Fertility Detox Presentation with you. 

The Fertility Detox will guide you in "cleaning up" the emotional, physical and environmental stressors/toxins that may be negatively impacting your health and chances of conceiving.

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About Us

Lēla (derived from the Sanskrit word Lila) means “divine play” – the play or delight of creation, to joyfully embrace all aspects of life, to love, and to celebrate life. All of the experiences of life (the joys and the sorrows) set the stage and serve to teach us to find this “play” in our day-to-day lives, so that we may discover and be true to our authentic selves, and share this inner light and creativity.

We are living Lēla - we invite you to join us.

Wellness Workshop for Fertility

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wellness-workshop-for-fertility-tickets-48265619768

Wellness Workshop for Fertility

Join us for this 3 hour wellness workshop for fertility on Sunday, September 16th from 1-4 pm in Los Angeles.

You will learn specific practices from the Soulful Conceptions™ Complete Mind-Body Fertility Program, such as:

• Yoga and Breathwork for Fertility

• Meditation and Mindfulness

• Emotional Intelligence

• Fertility Ball Method (acupressure for fertility)

Gather with other individuals navigating a similar journey, share and receive support.

We're in the News

They Told Me I Would Never Get Pregnant... This Was The One Thing That Worked.






Our work in the field of fertility support is featured in Voyage LA and Thrive Global.

We are so very honored.

Check them out and learn more about our story and what we provide to the community.




{Living Lēla stands to} Empower individuals with specific practices in Yoga, Acupressure, Mindfulness, Psychology, and Ayurveda that help to eliminate stress, relax the mind, and optimize hormonal and emotional balance.
These tools allow women (and men) to give themselves continual, potent fertility-boosting and overall health/well-being 'medicine' every single day.

Your Teachers

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“It was refreshing to be amongst people who understood how I was feeling on this journey and to be able to say out loud things I couldn't share with people in my daily life, plus we learned invaluable breathing techniques, poses, and stretches that helped my body and brought peace to my mind. The fertility program ended around Thanksgiving 2014, and I felt reenergized. My husband and I took two months to just enjoy ourselves, while I focused on really ramping up my holistic treatments for PCOS (supplements and diet) and keeping up my stretches, meditations, and breathing exercises. At the beginning of February 2015, we met with a fertility clinic to map our next steps: IUI and IVF. I felt so hopeful again. We left with instructions to make an appointment at the beginning of the next cycle. It turns out that we never needed to make that call; miraculously we conceived that cycle. I was cautiously optimistic and so nervous, but in November 2015, after a healthy pregnancy, we welcomed our son, Leo. Even throughout my pregnancy, I used some of the breathing techniques I learned in the program to help center my mind and reduce anxiety. I am so thankful for Wendy and what she does to provide women with a safe space to come to terms with their fertility journey and hopefully reframe it in a positive way. Infertility is something we often end up struggling with in silence, and it was so helpful to know I wasn't alone.”


(Los Angeles, CA)


“I have been practicing Strong Yoga®4Fertility {Soulful Conceptions™} since I began my fertility journey. The practice has kept me grounded through the ups and downs. The program was a wonderful way to cement my experience with tools I can use for anything that comes up. I loved being in the company of women who completely understand and can sympathize with what I'm going through. Bravo to Wendy and Deborah for holding the compassionate space to grow and deepen this journey.”

K. G., currently pregnant!

(Los Angeles, CA)


“The yoga program is SOOOO much more than yoga. It is community and sharing, well researched guidance and... IT GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK. It has truly been transformative in my abilities and attitude in dealing with this crazy fertility journey… I know very little about yoga and this was entirely comfortable and easy for me to attend. I think all women who find themselves on this path should sign-up.”


(Sherman Oaks, CA)


“I had been struggling with fertility issues, suffered a miscarriage, and was going through IVF. I decided to sign up for fertility yoga and it changed my life. Fertility yoga was empowering. I looked forward to my classes every week. The nurturing environment and the wonderful friends I made in the class were a source of support throughout the process. I truly believe that it was an important part of why my dream became a reality.”

M. Sanchez

(Los Angeles, CA)


“Strong Yoga® 4 Fertility {Soulful Conceptions™} was just what I needed during my fertility journey. It was a safe, soft place to land after many years of bad news and broken hearts. This practice works. After a few months of practicing, I was ready to get back in the game of fertility doctors visits, and more trying, and lo and behold, I got pregnant! Since then, we’ve been blessed with two beautiful children and I’m so grateful to Wendy and all those beautiful Mamas I practiced yoga with; it was truly a turning point for me.”


(Los Angeles, CA)


“To be brutally honest, the thought of attending a fertility support group turned me off completely. I thought it would make me feel even more sad. But the opposite was true. To be able to share my story and heartbreak and hear from others who knew EXACTLY where I was coming from was a revelation. One that actually brought me some peace--and even joy. This group came at the right time for me because I was really at the end of my rope with my husband and well meaning family and friends who, while trying to be kind and helpful, would end up just making me angry. Talking to women who really understood allowed me to be completely honest about what I was going through, and allowed me to feel supported in a way that I didn't know was possible. The most important thing I got from the group was the deep realization that my body was perfect. My body that couldn't do what I desperately wanted it to do was perfect as it was. That powerful realization allowed me to make decisions that resulted in my now 2 year old twins. And the practices I learned in the group have become an ongoing help to me whenever I am going through a hard time. If the last thing you want to do is join a fertility support group, I gotta tell you--attend this one. You might be as surprised as I was.”

Alyson Joines

(Los Angeles, CA)

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